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Eating Habits- Mantra to fitness

Eating Habits- Mantra to fitness Best Eating Habits or Eating Practices becomes essential, when we see daily life routine of the people around us. With very less time in between the work to look deep into our eating practices, we notice, people are bound to develop bad eating habits. Thus this

Diet Plan


Diet Plan- Basic Step Towards Fitness Diet plan or dieting is an important aspect of anybody's regime for becoming Fat to Fit.   Steps for a Healthy Diet Plan First Step- Diet Plan Don't need a diet plan! Planning your diet is the most important step while you begin with your fitness regime. Avoid aiming at getting

Diet- The First step towards fit & healthy living

Diet- Fat to Fit- Diet !! is the answer you have to all questions that pops up into your mind when you think about health & fitness. It is the first thing that should come to anyone's mind before starting with any regime whether its related to Gym or Exercise or any