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Eating Habits- Mantra to fitness

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Eating Habits- Mantra to fitness

Best Eating Habits or Eating Practices becomes essential, when we see daily life routine of the people around us. With very less time in between the work to look deep into our eating practices, we notice, people are bound to develop bad eating habits. Thus this becomes an essential part of our diet about which we have to gain information upon.

eating habits

Basics of Eating Practices

We were taught this in our schools over the period, but now a days people just completely ignore it. It revolves around many basic teachings that we already know but now due to long working hours and busy life schedule we just over look them. Morning life rush in professional lives makes us develop poor eating habits in no time. Resulting, many make become lazy, sleepy or become tired easily at work. So we start making it a goal to lose weight, eat healthier, and live a more active lifestyle.

Still, very few can stick to the steps needed to achieve their goals. If you’re one of those people struggling to improve your health through diet, then avoiding the unhealthy eating habits and get back on track into achieving your fitness goals.

1. Eating proper way & all meals

Competitiveness & necessities lure us into a big bad habit of having our food improper ways. Either we eat food too fast or we eat in wrong positions. The best way is to have your food while standing or walking just a bit as you intake, if not possible, then sitting on a chair having straight back. But you got to chew your food properly till it become paste in your mouth and then push it into your digestive tract. This way you don’t put an extra stress on your digestive system to first break down improperly chewed food. Properly chewed food gets digested fast & easily.

And also few people are driven by themselves or others into a myth that skipping a meal could help them cut down on calories. This is a very wrong practice. Skipping meals would only put your system on back-up stand by. It means body will store more calories from your previous meal because your system will know it would not get nutrients supply for much longer hours. So instead of skipping eat small meals at every 2-2.5 hours in the day.

2. Eating Breakfast on time

Eating breakfast on time significantly impacts your energy level and reaching your weight loss targets.

Balanced breakfast provides a body with essential energy to get through daily activities and helps consuming less calories in later half of the day.

Eating breakfast on time significantly impacts your energy level and reaching your weight loss targets.

3. Don’t Drink while you eat

Drinking water/beverage while having a meal has become a practice these days with all age groups. But this is hazardous, as water dilutes the acids that are stored in our stomach which help in breaking down of food nutrients. It is advisable to drink water after 30 minutes of your any meal.

We know few people feel thirsty while eating so it is advisable that you should drink water 15 minutes before your meal. This helps in cutting down your thirst while you eat, also some how it helps in cutting down your meal.

4. Take Dinner well before bed


One should fix a time limit of having dinner or else have your dinner at-least 2.5-3 hours before you sleep. Kind of food you have in your dinner also hinders with your sleep. So try to avoid spicy, fatty and extra eating while you have dinner. Remember, your digestive system also needs rest. So night time is the best to provide some rest to it.

So eat light and sleep tight.

5. Avoid food from outside

Work load or performance pressure at work leads to less time in personal lives. It has become tough to prepare & take our breakfast-lunch along, so we are bound to take meals from outside in the middle of the day. And not only this even while returning, we often take dinner from outside such that we need not prepare the meal at home. This is pretty much a practice in case of working professionals.

Try to take out that extra bit of 15-30 mins by waking up early to have your home cooked breakfast if not lunch. Fruits, Milk, Oats etc make an excellent breakfast to start your day. If you don’t get time to cook at-least you can cut a few fruits & boil your milk till you get ready and have in your breakfast. Try having a healthier breakfast next time.

6. Avoid Emotional Eating or cravings

Emotional eating is one of the most dangerous eating habits. Most of all diseases originate from the stomach and digestive tract. Unhealthy eating practices and wrong food choices lead you to digestive system not working properly.

Humans are emotional in nature, and most of the time when we eat we don’t realize we are eating for emotional reasons. Ask your self before putting something into your mouth before or after your meal time. Bringing this to practice is good for you. “Can’t I live without eating this? Is it necessary to it right now? Can’t I wait till my meal time arrives?”

This way you can suggest yourself whether you are really hungry or are your eating upon emotional reasons.

The process is quite time consuming and needs your consistency to develop the above mentioned good habits. But it is worth the effort in the long term to produce a healthier, more energetic and happier you.

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